1 used to emphasize that a particular number, amount, or piece of information is completely correct: We were wearing exactly the same clothes. | It's exactly half past five. | exactly where/what/when etc: Tell me exactly what he said. | Exactly where does Petra live?
2 used to emphasize a statement: He gave exactly the reply they wanted to hear. | That's exactly what we've been trying to tell you.
3 exactly used as a reply to show that you think what someone has said is completely correct or true: “So you think we should sell the house and move to the country?” “Exactly.”
4 not exactly
a) used as a reply to show that you think that what someone has said is not completely correct or true: “You hate Lee, don't you?” “Not exactly. I just think he's a bit annoying that's all.”
b) used when you say the opposite of what you mean, either as a humorous remark, or to show that you are annoyed: Imagine calling me fat! I mean, she's not exactly thin herself, is she? | I wouldn't bother asking Dave, he's not exactly Einstein, is he?
5 why/what/where etc exactly...? used when asking someone to tell you the exact place, reason, thing etc: Where exactly did you stay in Portugal?
6 I don't know exactly/I don't exactly know used to say that you are not sure about something: “What does he want?” “I don't know exactly, but he said it's really urgent.”
7 that's exactly what.... used to say that what someone has said, done etc is exactly the same as what you or another person said, did etc: “I don't think he should leave his job.” “That's exactly what I told him yesterday.”

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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